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We're mindscape. Let's chat for a bit. We're here to show you something different.

Most of the time, we're being shown some repetitive stuff. Technology has grown to show us tweets we've read before, pictures we've seen before, and news we've heard before. 

It's painfully boring.

Justin Li |Republic of Kenya, Nairobi

Icarus Effect: Broken Record

We've outgrown reading comics, appreciating art, and listening to music in favor of mass-consuming trivial social media content; and so we lose our touch with artists, musicians, and writers, while we continue to consume more insignificant material. 

But it's not the end. If anything, it's a pretty good chance for a new beginning.

Joy Zheng |

Joy Zheng|

Here's what we do; we bring unique, interesting, and diverse media to the innately curious. Interesting because our most of content comes from talented young artists with limitless creativity; diverse because we house any and all forms of art (short stories, photography, music, etc); and unique because all of our artists strive to engage with their audiences in a meaningful manner, yet express themselves differently, and as a result curate ingenuity with all of their pieces.

| Digital Metamorphosis

|Digital Metamorphosis

MindScape provides our authors the opportunity to achieve a little personal branding through a local, communal platform while simultaneously allowing them express themselves in the ways that matter to them. Because each author tells a different story, shows a different picture, or sings a different song. One author might provide parting advice to boost productivity during the school year; another will move you through their songs to stop and reflect in the middle of the night.

It’s spring and it’s April’s first day in the world.
— Spring; Anthony Tan


Our authors make us special. And that's how MindScape comes to life: through the emotion and uniqueness behind every masterpiece. So take a little time to browse, and enjoy the fresh perspective of our talented authors.


Welcome to MindScape. Let's escape for a bit.