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Hi! My name is Claire McNamara! I'm currently in my third year of my BFA degree, and have only recently began to explore my own personal methodology, in terms of my art. I take much inspiration from the people around me, the environment I am in, and the artists who work alongside with me, as well as the masters of the past (looking @ you Matisse.) I am extremely passionate about what I create, and I am having the greatest time of my life, being surrounded by the like-minded artists in my program, and by the Canadian contemporary art scene. If you enjoy my work, I encourage you to check out my art instagram below!


One-Line Drawings

Untitled Contour Drawing

This portrait came about from street watching at a viewpoint across from a stoplight, which allowed a quick moment to fully view the people that passed by, and required both a quick eye and quick hand.



This portrait stemmed from a desire to deviate from realism, which was once a concept the artist was very unfamiliar and unsure of. The portrait is part of a series joint with "Emily."



This portrait came from a place that was more familiar with the ambiguity that is inherent with contour line drawings. This particular piece came later on in the series, and shows the difference in line-tightness between "Emily" and "Joy."


Paintings and Illustrations


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